Almost the Truth

From Morley Torgov, Two time winner of Leacock Gold medal for humor

"There's an ancient Chinese saying: Life is a search for Truth, and there is no Truth."

Aaron Zevy, an Egyptian Jew, has proven that the ancient Chinese were dead right. But don't let Zevy's humour foo you; there are serious bells ringing in these stories. Advice to reader: enjoy the book, but think twice about being seated next to Zevy on a long flight.

"Irreverent, tender and a lot of fun!"

To read Zevy is not only to get lost in his often hilarious and unexpected tales, but to be given a front row seat on the nature and art of storytelling itself.

His imitable voice is hilariously self-deprecating, vivid, and splashed with surprising moments of intimacy."

Very Entertaining

"Part memory, part memoir, part truth, part lie whatever it is it is very entertaining. By turns poignant, educational, and outright funny. It is a look at relationships between family and friends. The author says it's a collection of 40 years of stories and basically life. We all can relate to these truly great stories one way or another. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. More Please!"

Laughed out loud at characters who reminded me of my family.

"I related to his family stories, especially the ones about family business. My family were Hungarian Jewish immigrants, but it felt like I knew his relatives and his friends. Laugh out loud funny"

OY! Hysterical!

"When the world is going crazy around us, having a book and author one can turn to who can open us up to deep belly laughs is nothing short of golden. I have passed this book along to my partner, who grew up in an East Orthodox, Syrian household, but has since embraced Jewish traditions. While every short story is priceless onto itself - and the characters amazing snapshots - the one called "Mother" specifically rang his bell. Filled with snippets of Arabic and foodstuffs (prepared like "in the Old Country"), it has been a treasure we have been able to share.

Just two words...READ IT!"

"Zevy's short stories are hilarious and make you feel like you know him – or at least you know someone like him. He's relatable! Stories of family, friends, poker, golf, music and more – his collection has something for everyone. His mix of fact and fiction will keep you guessing, but according to Zevy, we should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. A great summer read and an excellent book club choice!"

"I loved the characters in this book. With each new story, we meet another crazy friend or family member. The author generously shares his experiences and there is always a funny twist at the end. Mr. Zevy uses crisp, quick dialog to create an authentic slice of life.

His parents are Egyptian Jews who settled in Toronto. We see the way they acclimated to their new life.

The description of the foods and family gatherings were particularly interesting to me.

If you enjoyed David Sedaris, you will enjoy this book."

"Incredibly entertaining! I read one story after another. As soon as I put it down, my husband grabbed it. Rather than fight over it, we read it aloud to each other. A great way to spend an afternoon."

"Hey, Aaron ol' man, I enjoyed your stories... especially the lies."

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The Bubbe Meise

Fun stories I wish I'd written.

"This book had me chuckling from the start. There was a lot of Jewish culture, written in an almost innocent voice. I knew these characters and how they reacted to the wold. Relatable fun, even if you aren't a member of the tribe."

I enjoyed most of the stories

"I found this collection of short stories to be a nice break from the format of most books and novels I've been reading."

So true!

"Very cute stories with a Jewish flair."

Would recommend as worth your time.

"Funny in places, enjoyed his perspective. Would be interested in other books. Rated this as a collection of short stories not as a novel - perhaps details of some stories may stick with me. I think it's probable. Would not place this in great literature category but was not looking for that anyway."

Fun stories with a Jewish "thumb" (flavor)

"The first part of the book, was filled with wonderful stories, some exaggerations and excellent points about life and living. They were based to some extent on the life of the author, a Jewish man who grew up in Toronto. The key themes were universal, applicable to so many growing up in North America in the 70's and 80's.

The second part of the book was comprised of totally fictional stories. It was entering a different realm, albeit interesting and engaging.

All in all, a pleasant read which brought laughter, nostalgia and perhaps a few tears."


"I am so glad I stumbled across Mr. Zevy on Kindell. I love the meandering stories, the understated humor, the fact that he obviously doesn't allow the truth to get in the way of a good story. BTW, I only gave you 4 stars to keep you humble, keep you striving for that next hole in one."

"This book is easy reading and very funny. Free on Kindle. Short stories."

"I laughed my way through the Kindle version of this book! I found it on the Amazon unlimited list while I was looking for a travel book, and I'm certainly glad I didn't scroll past. If you're in the mood to read someone's memoirs in short, hilarious chunks, try this book."

"This is a very light and entertaining short story book. The author describes many funny situations and stories. It's hard to tell if the stories are fictitious or, they actually happened."

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Not Book Club Material

"In Not Book Club Material Zevy proves he is a master of the comedic form. These stories are brilliant vignettes spanning countries and decades, linked by family and culture—heartbreaking and hilarious at once, they will leave you wishing these characters were your own family and friends."

Easy and fun

"If you're looking for a fun read, which you can put down and come back to, time and time again, without losing your place, then this collection of short stories is for you. Lots of Jewish humor and self deprecation. Very enjoyable."

Amusing and fun read

"I enjoyed the stories and the humour. Lovely collection so much fun to read. Sorry that it ended so fast"

Five Star Humor

"I love this book. Aaron Zevy, I adore this book! When writing can make you laugh out loud, it has succeeded masterfully. I love dry humor that sounds serious (spellcheck says serotonin, which is actually a byproduct of reading this book) and this book is perfect. I'm going to buy a hard copy just in case the entire digital world disappears.

The story about the Angel of Death was hysterical."

Fun Read

"This was an entertaining read of snippets from a "normal" life."


"A collection of short stories, I laughed my rear off on some of them. Schwartzman's is probably my favorite of the stories, but there were plenty of others that caused me to laugh out loud. Well worth the read…"

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories, at times chuckling out loud. Excellent storyteller that makes you wish you were listening to these in person over a cup of coffee, or a plate of lasagne."

"Funny short stories. I like these because they are about the author, true and/or made up, and have same characters through out the book. Easy read."

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Shlepping Across the Nile

Much fun!

"This book offers a wonderful ride to places and people we may never have traveled to or met, but we would surely love to do both. The highly readable vignettes are told with humor, insight, irreverence and affection. What appeals is the fantastical; the reader will wish they had said/done that. If you want an entertaining and pleasurable indulgence, here's your opportunity."

Truly A Delight

"I am an avid reader, who loves short stories with O Henry twists. This collection of short stories has twists, but more importantly made me laugh. Mr. Zevy is featured in every story, giving them a Seinfeld or Curb feel. The humour however is not cruel and generally directed at Mr. Zevy himself. The collection provides a glimpse for what life was like in Egypt prior to 1948, and what life was like growing up with Egyptian parents who emigrated thereafter. Some of his stories I loved, but even the ones I only liked made me want to go on and read the next one. This is the third collection of Mr Zevy's stories I have read, and I hope he writes another."

Fun And Personable

"Reading this book felt like sitting at a family BBQ and listening to everyone's favorite Uncle tell over stories. The style is very personable so you really feel like you're listening to the author talk and the humor is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud several times, which is something that never happens to me while reading. Great book!"

Resonated deeply.

"I just finished this book. As a Canadian Jew with an Egyptian Jewish mother (from Cairo, she left in 1964), I wanted to extend a giant thank you to the author. Other than The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, there's so little literature that tells the stories I heard growing up. I can't wait to pass it along to my mother.

These were the stories I grew up with, although my mother never managed this amount of humour in telling them. Most people have no idea that there once was a thriving Jewish community in the Middle East and North Africa.

We need more of these books!"

Entertaining Read

"Such an enjoyable book, it took me back to my childhood. So funny and delightful, I would highly recommend."

Not to be missed!

"This is a vey enjoyable book that will give you many hours of pleasure. Highly recommended."


"As a non Jew but a person who has had many Jewish friends, I found this book so enjoyable. I laughed out loud several times at the dry humor and entertaining stories of the author. Delightful!"

Enjoyable dry humor

"I'm not Jewish but there's no denying that a culture that old has picked up a lot of flavors moving from place to place, absorbing suffering and buffering, irony and ability with melanges of meaning in humor and word play. The author's family is Egyptian Jewish which was a flavor I hadn't yet met, and I enjoyed stories of their own little tribe with the Tribe, diet specialties, lots of Arabic and French salted into their vocabulary.

The humor was dry and droll.

I liked it and would read more from the author"

Laugh out loud

"What I love the most about Schlepping Across the Nile is joy and love the author feels towards his family. Zevy unabashedly describes the funny quirks of family members and the dynamics between them. In "Silver Tweezers" we learn about his Dad's hobby of stamp collecting, from the point of view of a little boy, watching in awe. We see what it feels to be an outsider parent in Jaffa Oranges, where Zevy's father carpooled for the soccer team and didn't even try to feign interest in the sport. I enjoyed the hilarious details of Zevy's failed blind dating experiences in Cesar Salad. The last story is a beautiful tribute to his Mom, who is lovingly described and admired for her ability to keep up with modern technology, even though she wasn't quite sure of the difference between Facebook and FaceTime.

I highly recommend this book of delightfully funny and cleverly written short stories. They all come from the heart, which makes them authentic and relatable."

Want to laugh for hours? Read this book!

"This is my first book from this author and I am excited to read more. Aaron is quite simply hilarious. What a sensational sense of humor. Readers will really enjoy laughing out loud and often. Bravo! Lots of fun."

I laughed out loud!

"A fascinating collection of humorous stories about the author's exiled Jewish Egyptian family. It was nostalgic for me because it brought back memories of my friend from seventh grade whose parents were Egyptian Jews. My friend's bar mitzvah was an extravaganza never before witnessed by our Ashkenazi group of friends. I will look for more books by Zevy."

Do Not Read in Public !!!

"As I read this book, my face developed muscle spasms from grinning so hard. Occasionally, I would inadvertently let out squeals of delight. Then there were outright chortles (I never use that word, but it just seems to fit). People looked at me strangely, I was actually approached a couple of times with offers of medical assistance."

Great Series of Jewish Vignettes

"I probably related to this because my wife of 40+years is a Sabra whose father was from Egypt and mother from Morocco. Why she married me I'll never know as I am a vanilla American Jew with about as much belief as this author. Unlike him, however. I never had a Bar Mitzvah, know almost no Hebrew, and often feel as if I am an imitation Jew."

"Really enjoyed this book. Full of tales about his family, growing up in Dollard Des Ormeaux (where I too live my teen years) and the foibles of being a single man, amongst other topics. You won't be disappointed."

Om Met Kek / oh mein G-tt

"Delightful short stories explaining a family history not far from many I know. Highly recommended read."

"Wonderful book full of interesting and funny stories that were so easy to relate to. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover!!!!!"

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Radio Daze

An Adventure Through Friendships and Frenzied Collecting

"Radio Daze is a trip. Ron Zevy takes readers on a delightful, humorous journey of friendships and frenzied collecting. The books' quick cadence and personal, anecdotes make for a lighthearted, fun read; I literally had some laugh-out-loud moments. Reading Radio Daze is like sitting down with an eccentric good friend who has a knack for storytelling, sharing quirky adventures, and a whimsical cast of characters to draw upon.

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun, engaging read!"

Hilarious tales. Some may be based on reality.

"Loved this book. Zevy's writing style is light and breezy with many inside cultural references. As a budding vintage radio collector, I appreciated his clear love of the medium. Nice photos too."


"Enjoyable little jaunt, reading about a man who is obsessed with collecting vintage radios. Each chapter is a stand alone vignette, altho there are some characters who appear regularly throughout the book. I contemplated starting to collect radios, then remember that I'm decluttering my own vague and scattered collections. However, the last chapter grabbed me, and I'm off to start searching eBay for a novelty radio. Quick and easy read. Enjoy!"

Absolute Gem

"Radio Daze: A Descent into Collecting" by Aaron Zevy is an absolute gem for anyone intrigued by the world of vintage radios.

Zevy's storytelling effortlessly blends nostalgia, humor, and a deep passion for collecting, making this book an engaging read from start to finish.

Each page is filled with fascinating anecdotes, historical tidbits, and insightful reflections on the art of collecting. Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply curious about the hobby, "Radio Daze" is a must-read that will leave you inspired to embark on your own collecting journey!!!!!"

Radio Daze….a very funny book

"Love his sense of humor. I think he and Larry David would get along great. Wonder if they know each other."

Great radio pictures and cool stories

"I recently developed a fondness for vintage radios and that was how I was drawn to this book. Aaron Zevy's stories and pictures of radios are wonderful. I learned a great deal about different types of radios and the stories with his friends remind me of a sitcom."

Not What I Thought

"I was looking for something to read and came across this on Facebook. I thought it was going to be about old time radio - before TV - but it turned out not to be the case. Instead, it's about a middle-age guy who has an obsession for old vintage radios and the lengths he goes to in order to get them. It's a laugh out loud tale. Anybody who collects anything will appreciate this story."

Hilarious and heartfelt book about radios and so much more

"A very funny book about collecting and somehow that comes to be about many things in life. If you're read any of Zevy's books you'll meet some of the beloved characters (Goldfarb and Lewberg are back in this collection) and family. This is my favourite collection so far, the obsessive collecting and reticence to relax/retire and of course the Larry David like trouble and mishaps the narrator makes for himself!"

"Zevy's latest story collection, Radio Daze, guides us into the bizarre and esoteric world of vintage radio collecting. At turns hilarious, crude and surprisingly warm, these stories veer off into all sorts of unusual directions, from unearthing odd morsels of twentieth century history, to navigating the endlessly entertaining mishaps of friendship and family dynamics. As in all of Zevy's stories, the voice is what counts. Zevy writes with an inimitable style, deceivingly breezy, at once streetwise and neurotic, brimming with hubris and reeling with self-effacing humour. You can gobble these stories up, but they stay with you; after you finish the collection, you'll find yourself longing for its company, like an old friend. That's the beauty of these stories. Lingering behind all the caustic humour and the unrelenting drive to collect -- to attain the unattainable -- there is an undeniable tenderness. Whether he intends to be or not, Zevy is a poet of friendship, of the small pleasures of human connection that make life worth living. Radio Daze takes the reader into the world of vintage radios, but more importantly, the writing is vintage Zevy."

"Radio Daze is a collection of short stories tied together by the author's newest hobby, which is collecting unique, retro radios. He buys some of them on Ebay and finds others in the strangest of places. He gets joy out of taking people on tours of his collection, whether they want to see them or not! As usual, Mr. Zevy loves to poke fun at himself and his collection of characters, mostly friends, golf buddies, and members of his family.

I really enjoyed reading the stories about his adventures at his country club. One story finds him buying a radio in Miami. He calls it "the Little Havana episode of Antiques Road Show." Then there's a scene where he's eating lunch at his club and a few nosy tennis ladies strike up a conversation. The author spoofs it with his usual way - tying it to his Dijon Yellow radio collectors item.

Good light reading entertainment when you want a good belly laugh."

Funny and entertaining

"These short amusing stories are a bit like good appetizers. You think you will only have a couple and the next thing you know, you have finished the tray."


"Great book! Highly recommended if you enjoy irreverent humor or if you are a collector. I finished the whole book in one day at the beach. If Ron's life is anything like what is depicted in this book, it should be made into a sitcom. Would give Larry David a run for his money."

Fun and Easy To Read! A Personal Deep Dive into One Man's Obsession

"Very few people would consider old radio collecting an addiction but it is.

Ron Zevy approaches collecting old radios as a treasure hunt. Sometimes the radio is the treasure and sometimes the relationships along the way are the real find! Always, the experiences are funny adventures and you don't need to have any knowledge about old radios to be able to relate!

Told in short, easy-to-read vignettes which you can finish before your first cup of coffee. Each mini odyssey has as its namesake a particular radio but the stories are really about rekindled youth.

If you happen to be an old radio aficionado, or recognize some of these old beauties, it's an extra treat to discover how each tale is connected to a certain radio."

Vintage Radios - Who Knew?

"This is my introduction to Mr. Zevy & I don't know why I had never discovered him. Who knew I wanted to know about old radios? I read the book totally believing that he really was the character in the book. Now I don't think he is but that's OK. It still seems that way to me. Hilariously entertaining & I'm fairly familiar with the Jewish narration so it's great too. I love the descriptions & pictures of the old time radios. I'm going to have to pick some other of his writings to explore."

Hilarious & Heartwarming

"These stories are a pleasure to read, with moments that are so laugh-out-loud funny you'll want to recite them line by line to others. Even if you don't consider yourself a radio collector (or a collector of anything for that matter), you'll want to read them again and again. They're that good."


"I love the author's style of storytelling. It's a fun and informative book. Highly recommend for all collectors, new or old."

Funny and informative. A great read.

"I approached reading Aaron's book as a lifelong radio hobbyist. His interest in the topic of collecting radios is certainly something any collector of just about anything will resonate with. His stories in pursuit of his amazing collection are both funny and informative. Regardless of if your interest is radios or any other collectable obsession, you will find a kind hearted and funny friend in Aaron. Highly recommended. This book would make for a light hearted Beach Read or something to enjoy by the fire on cold Winter nights."

Another excellent book by this talented author!

"Just a good read by Mr. Zevy. A talented author! I highly recommend his enjoyable book."


"How does a 72 year old genteel gentile woman from the southern U.S. become so infatuated with a foul-mouthed Canadian Jew? He is witty, he is laugh-out-loud funny, and Lord, can that man tell a story! Even when there isn't that much of a story to tell. Carry on, my friend. Hope to be reading much more from you."

I loved this book

"This is the second book l've read by this author on a recommendation. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the first (Schlepping Across the Nile) because it's hard to find a good fit with contemporary fiction. I loved this book, there are some truly great stories (again, hilarious, sad, fun) and characters here and I will be reading back through the author's list this year."

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Retro Radio Rainbow

This is sure to be a hit

"Retro Radio Rainbow by Aaron Zevy teaches preschool children colors through the creative lens of vintage radios! This is a perfect read for grandparents and their grandchildren and will spark colorful conversations about radio in its heyday. This is sure to be a hit."

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The Goldfarb Chronicles

Literally laughing out loud!!

"Rarely have I laughed so much let alone while reading a book. The crafty writing style, the witty plot twists and the overall "almost" relatibility is a perfect recipe for a good throne reading! Or anywhere else i'm sure."

Funny all the way

"The Chronicles is another hoot with different topics and hilarious stories. Zevy is full of stories and his method of telling them is very entertaining. A great read."

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A Snowman in Jerusalem

For my Grandson

"We bought the book "a Snowman in Jerusalem" for our grandson. He just turned 2 and truly enjoys sitting on the couch snuggled under a blanket being read to. As long as he gets to turn the pages.

The illustrations are sweet but the story is sweeter.

Can't believe I'm reading "a Snowman in Jerusalem" and "Retro Radio Rainbow", great for learning colors, to my grandson now. I remember reading "No Nuts For Me" to my children when they were little ones. How time flies. Kudos to the author. Thank you for the books."

Who knew? There is sometimes snow in Israel. Israel!

"Young Pnina has seen a picture of her father building a snowman when he was a child in Canada. She longs to play in the snow as well, but has never seen snow. Her father tells her that it does snow in Israel, but only in Jerusalem, which isn't far away. Despite her friend's doubt, Pnina does not give up hope and finds that seeing is believing. This is a sweet story of family and faith. There are a few jokes thrown in that some of the adults will catch. The art is cute and colorful.

Israel is a temperate country and most of Israel never sees snow. But there are a few locations that see sporadic snow due to higher altitude and Jerusalem is one of them. For those like Pnina's friend who doubt the possibility, the afterward includes two photos of snow in Jerusalem.

I was lucky to see a notice of a Kindle promotion for this week. But I recommend this book for any youngster. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this story. Although the book is sprinkled with a few Hebrew and Yiddish words, the afterward includes a glossary."

"Pnina's trust in her abba and his determination to make her dream come true took me back in years to my own special childhood memories with my own father."

Snow in Jerusalem! I didn't know that this can happen on occasion.

"This is an adorable picture book for children to read on their own or with an adult. There is a glossary for words that the reader may be unfamiliar with. The illustrations add to the charm of the story. A young child can hardly believe that snow can come to the city of Jerusalem when it doesn't fall at her home a short distance away.

I love that the author included actual photos of Jerusalem after snow had fallen."

An excellent humorous read!

"This latest book is amazing!!! It is completely engaging for children and adults. We will share this with all of our grandchildren!! Thank you thank you!!"

"A really cute story with amazing artwork that shows a close and tightknit family sharing in the simple wonder of snow."

Perfect first reader for pre-schoolers

"I appreciate how this gentle story can be enjoyed by parents and children alike."

Enchanting Family Picture Book

"This is another beautiful and whimsical story by Aaron Zevy that my children love."

An engaging sweet story - kids will love it

"This story is written in the first person by Pnina, a little girl who lives in Israel. She shows us her family through her hand drawn pictures. Pnina is intrigued by a photo of her Dad when he was little, living in Canada. He's building a snowman. She wants to see snow, but it never snows in Israel, or so she thinks. One night, Pnina gets a big surprise, as her parents drive to Jerusalem to see a real "snowstorm". The illustrations show us the joy of seeing snow for the first time. The portrayal of Panina's close knit family is expressed with love in a style that feels authentic. As a former teacher, I highly recommend this joyful book to teachers, parents, and grandparents. It's a great "read aloud" and would also be a fine addition to a home or school library for independent reading for children in the primary grades."

An engaging sweet story - kids will love it

"Very cute story of father making his little girls dream come true. So cute!! Would recommend for sure."

"Sweet book, great illustrations for the young crowd."

"A really cute story with amazing artwork that shows a close and tightknit family sharing in the simple wonder of snow and making a snowman."

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