The Bubbe Meise

The Bubbe Meise and Other Stories

By Aaron Zevy

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The Bubbe Meise and Other Stories

These stories, memoirs and vignettes are more Larry David than Shalom Aleichem.

Aaron Zevy is at it again with a new collection of amusing tales and vignettes about his life with his friends, both real and imagined, and family. Like his first collection, Almost the Truth: Stories and Lies, which Kirkus Review called "... a series of hilarious an easy going style which is both polished and seemingly improvised," Bubbe Meise and Other Stories continues Zevy's trademark approach to storytelling, which blurs the lines of fact and fiction.

With a tip of the hat to David Sedaris’s self awareness and Etgar Keret’s metafiction, but a unique style and voice very much his own, Zevy amuses and astounds.

Don't try to figure out what is real and what is not just sit back and enjoy!

After all, Zevy reminds us to "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

Please find below a 3-story sample from the collection.


Starred Review from Blue Ink Review

"With the ease of a practiced storyteller and an outrageously droll sense of humor, Aaron Zevy (“Ronnie” to his friends and family), presents an anthology of rollicking personal essays and fictional short stories in his latest offering..."

"Zevy’s self-deprecating humor makes him an irresistible character. His easy-going prose and fast-paced, sitcom-style conversations create laugh-out-loud and sometimes poignant mo-ments. While those un-familiar with contemp-orary Jewish customs and religious traditions may miss the subtler culturally related humor, Zevy’s facile comic ability will appeal to anyone willing to find humor in the human condition."

From Midwest Book Review:

"...A winning set of amusing, fun, thought-provoking reads..."

"Each story contains an underlying lesson about life. Most of all, they teach a form of humor and observation which keeps readers engaged, laughing, and considering the slings and arrows of life and one's reaction to it."

"'Bubbe Meise' is defined as a 'An Old Wives Tale'. An untrue story. It's also the heart and soup of Zevy's fun tales, which are highly recommended for readers looking for humor and something eloquently different."